Buena Proa


Based on the order made by our clients, the company produces various products and sub-products with the highest level of quality, complying with the sanitary requirements of the European markets. Among others, they appear:

Lenguado / Flounder

(Mancopsetta Maculata)

Raya / Skate Fish

(Dipturus Chilensis)

Anchoita / Argentine Anchovy

(Engraulls Anchoita)

Caballa / Chub Mackerel

(Scomber Japonicus)

Langostino / Red Shrimp

(Pleoticus Muelleri)

Corvina / Yellow Croaker

(Micropogonias Furnieri)

Pargo Blanco / White Croaker

(Umbrina Canosai)

Castañeta / Haukfish

(Cheilodactylus Bergi)

Merluza Hubbsi / Argentine Hake

(Merluccius Hubbsi)

Besugo / Red Porgy

(Sparus Pagrus)

Pescadilla de Red / Stripped Weakfish

(Cynoscion Guatucupa)


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