We venture into the wildest oceanic environments looking for a natural product.

We are an argentinian company dedicated to capture, production and commercialization of fishing products. We take care of the total supply of a selected species chain from the Atlantic South Ocean.

To make this possible, we have our operations base in Mar del Plata, the main fishing port of Argentina, with the largest industrial and logistic support network.


We specialize in shrimp production and commercialization, among which our three main variants stand out:

Headless tail

Perfect to prepare in a wide variety of plates.

Peeled shrimp tails

A high quality and tasty option for any kind of seafood.

Peeled shrimp tails without guts or digestive veins

An excellent option for those seeking the highest quality and flavor in their seafood plates.

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We are experts in high commercial value species fishing, characterized by their excepcional quality and flavor.


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